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Flower Fairies are illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker, created during the first half of the 20th century.

A dissapointed reader said this about Flower Fairies Book: If this were the only edition of the 'flower fairies' books I had ever seen, I'd be as enthusiastic as other reviewers here. But that's just it - as publishers (Blackie and later Warner) made their various editorial decisions about cropping and omitting fairies from their different editions, they never saw fit to warn the reader about it, so a new reader has no way of knowing. I find that very unsatisfactory.

If you go to 'flowerfairyprints.com' you'll find a full list of the fairies that belonged originally to each volume, and see just how much has been lost here. It didn't start with Warne, this habit of omitting etc, but it's certainly continued by them. So: a number of fairies are missing from the summer collection and the wayside collection, and the fairies of the alphabet collection have been cropped a lot in some cases to fit in a smaller space - as marginal illustrations instead of full-page (e.g. 'King cup' picture has only one elf instead of two).

I don't understand why Warne has not chosen to bring out an edition that has ALL the fairies in the good-quality reproductions they know how to do (see their 'Deluxe' volume, which has almost all the missing fairies' pictures, only 'goose-grass getting no mention at all, but by no means all the poems). As it is, if you want ALL pictures and poems in one book, and can't afford the first edition - which is v expensive to acquire, but I assume has them all) you have to buy editions of the '60s and 70s - before the 1985 Blackie edns (the '85 Blackie edn of 'summer' has a lot of omissions..I don't know about the others) These earlier edns do have ALL pictures and poems but have cropped the pictures somewhat anyway at the edges, and don't have such good-quality reproductions (in my opinion) as these latest ones by Warne.

If it doesn't bother you to miss out on some fairies, then by all means buy this volume. But for those of us who have known them all as children, it's upsetting to see some of them exiled and forgotten! I wonder what Ms Barker herself would have felt about the industry that has been made out of her work, with so little respect for the integrity of the whole.


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